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Healthy Ageing Group Classes

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BBM Group Classes are run by Accredited Exercise Physiologists.
Health fund rebates available.

The ‘Healthy Ageing’ exercise classes are ideal for over 50s & Seniors looking to improve or maintain health, well-being and functionality in a comfortable and welcoming group setting. 

The classes aim to:

  • Improve strength

  • Increase cardiovascular fitness and heart health

  • Maintain/improve mobility and balance

  • Maintain/improve quality of life

Type 2 Diabetes Group Referrals Accepted:

  • The ‘Healthy Ageing’ exercise class accepts Type 2 Diabetes Group Referral (up to 8 sessions)

  • Throughout the classes, we strive to educate participants on healthy lifestyle behaviours to improve/maintain their conditions

  • Medicare TIID Group Class BULK BILLED

Client Testimonials

"Josh is an amazing young Exercise Physiologist who runs Healthy Aging Group Exercise Classes at Indooroopilly GoodLife Gym.


As an 80 yr old I have felt the benefit of these keep fit classes over the past 12 months and thank Josh for his patience & caring attitude to all of us."

"I enjoy going to group sessions with Sean or Adam three times a week. I can really feel the overall improvement throughout my body - strength, mobility, balance and importantly, confidence.


It's a fabulous mood booster too and we have a lot of laughs. Thanks guys !!"

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